Online Manual

PokerSnowie Tip (preflop only)

The PokerSnowie Tip is a new way to learn the preflop strategy from PokerSnowie. Quite often, you might wonder why a certain move is considered wrong or right by PokerSnowie. But finding the answer is never easy, especially if you are not a poker expert or don't have time to analyze your hand range or some other complicated information.

That's where the PokerSnowie Tip comes in, giving you some short feedback to explain in simple terms why a certain move is an error, and often suggesting how to behave in certain situations. PokerSnowie Tip is not available on every single move, but when it is, it'll appear automatically. And if you find it useful, in the future we might activate the PokerSnowie Tip for post-flop use too.

If you don't want to have PokerSnowie Tip displayed all the time while browsing your analyzed hands, simply uncheck the option "SHOW AUTOMATICALLY".

PokerSnowie Tip is displayed either while browsing your hands or when editing a position (scenario). In particular it will be displayed when PokerSnowie believes you made an error.