Online Manual

Strategy Advisor

The Strategy Advisor is a tool that provides you some key information about what moves you can expect from your opponents in response to your CHECK or your BET actions, as well as the probability that you are currently holding the best hand if you go to the showdown. In particular, the Strategy Advisor is available for the player whose hole cards have been assigned and whose turn it is to act.

The information provided in the Strategy Advisor window is based on the Hand Range and Range Advice, therefore it's PokerSnowie's analysis of your opponents, based on the assumption that everyone is playing in a way that PokerSnowie would recommend.

Please note that while evaluating the Strategy Advisor numbers, PokerSnowie removes from the opponents' ranges the cards that you (or the players whose information you are requesting from the Strategy Advisor) currently hold.

There are two ways to access the Strategy Advisor:

- Click on the button STRATEGY ADVISOR located in the Analysis tool panel

- When it's the player's turn to act, right click on the account box and select Strategy Advisor from the dropdown

The information you will get is displayed in the following format

In particular, the percentages you get are:

  • Check-Raise success: the probability that at least one opponent will bet if you check. This might be useful in deciding whether or not to risk a check-raise strategy.
  • Bet-Fold outcome: the probability that everyone will fold if you bet, arranged by bet size. This might be useful if, for example, you are considering a bluff, or you want to make the pot bigger with a value bet.
  • Best hand at showdown: based on the PokerSnowie Hand Ranges, this gives you an estimation of how likely you are to hold the best hand if you went to the showdown right now.

Please note that when the ranges get very tiny, the Strategy Advisor suggestions might become inaccurate.