Online Manual


For a great example about how to effectively use the scenario feature, please read the blog article: Did I play my hand right?



The 'what-if' scenario feature allows you to construct game situations, vary multiple parameters, now including also Ante, and then view PokerSnowie's evaluation. It is also possible to copy any situation from your hand history with the button 'Copy scenario' and by altering parameters you can view a detailed analysis of the ensuing scenarios. This functionality can be used for all parts of gameplay, from preflop to the river.

The scenario manager enables you to construct the entire framework of a hand from the very beginning, and then view PokerSnowie's evaluation. To do so, you simply edit any of the available parameters (e.g. the number of players at the table, the table size, your position, hole cards, board cards, chip stacks etc.) and then enter any move to simulate the situation ('scenario') you would like to evaluate.


It is possible to edit hole cards and board cards and then check how the PokerSnowie evaluation would change. However once you have input the moves, you cannot go back and change them, or edit the starting stacks, as this would alter the entire hand and the evaluations. If you do wish to alter the moves, the 'Copy scenario' function allows you to duplicate the hand framework and then change the scenario freely.

For every scenario evaluation the displayed output includes the evaluation and the hand strength, as well as the Ranges and the Preflop Table.

You can also save your scenarios and reopen them at a later date.