Online Manual

Quick Start Guide

This quick tutorial shows you how to get started using PokerSnowie in a few simple steps.

1. Import your hands

In order to evaluate your gameplay, PokerSnowie needs to analyze your hand history. Click import, select your hand history folder and/or the hands you wish to analyze, and start uploading them.

Please note, PokerSnowie will only allow import of real money hands from supported sites.

2. View analysis

Select the hands you'd like to analyze, then click 'View analysis'

3. Check your rating

PokerSnowie will show you an overview of the analyzed hands.

You will get an instant insight into:

  • Errors and blunders you've made according to PokerSnowie
  • Your error rate and how PokerSnowie ranks you
  • How much EV (expected value) you lost because of the detected errors

4. Browse your hands and review your errors

Go through your errors or blunders by clicking on the link or on the menu 'Hands'.

You will be able to browse by error, by move, by street or with your preferred in line filter.

5. Play against PokerSnowie

Playing against PokerSnowie is the perfect way to train and improve your game.

Click on 'Training', configure your own table, game type, stake level and buy-in. Turn on the Live Advice to get suggestions as you're playing.

6. Try out a Scenario

The 'Scenarios' feature is great for creating your own Poker situation and getting an evaluation by PokerSnowie about the best play, hand range, and several other factors.

It's easy to use, give it a try!

There you have it.
Should you need more help or information, you can navigate to the other items in the online manual, check our FAQ or watch one of the video tutorials.