Online Manual


All imported hands are stored in a local database. In the filter manager, a subset of all hands can be selected. All statistics and analysis will be based on this subset.

The date range, poker rooms and stakes can all be filtered. Under 'My aliases' you should find your screen names. If this is not the case, you can select it manually from the list of screen names below.

The button 'Apply filters' activates the new filter settings and returns to the Statistics.

The Filter Manager is divided into 3 parts (Basic, Advanced, Hole Cards):


Date (all dates, today, yesterday, this month, this year, between dates)
Poker rooms
Stakes (includes all stakes found in the hand history files)
Screen names (if the requested screen name is not listed, clicking on the EDIT link opens another window that allows picking more screen names )
Dealt in players (2-10)


Positions (All positions, Dealer, Cut off, Small blind, Big blind, Other)
Selecting wins or losses, thresholds can be set (between, equal to, greater than, lower than)
The selected screen names were raised on either the flop, turn, river or on any street
The selected screen names were facing a 3 bet preflop that made them fold, call or raise (4 bet), or any of the aforementioned
The selected screen names were facing a 4 bet preflop that made them fold, call or raise (5 bet), or any of the aforementioned

Examples for all filters:

WAS RAISED: Hero was in the blinds or limped, followed by someone's raise
FACING 3 BET PF: Hero open-raises, then someone re-raises (3 bets) hero
FACING 4 BET PF: Someone open-raises, hero re-raises (3 bets), action goes back to the open-raiser who then re-raises (4 bets) hero

Hole cards

By default, all hole cards are selected. Any card in green is selected, whilst grey colour means it is not selected

Specific hole cards can be selected by clicking on the relevant squares in the matrix
These buttons allow a quicker selection of certain hand groups. To use the 'suited', 'off suit' or 'Pairs' selection buttons, make sure you first click on 'none' to deselect all cards.

Notice that all filter selections can be applied to either specifically selected sessions or to all hands in the database.

All filters can be combined with each other. The filters that are currently selected are listed in the left hand column.

All filters can be reset to default by clicking on "clear all filters".