Inside PokerSnowie's brain reveals the work of the Snowie AI Team. It explores first hand how the brain of PokerSnowie evolves and learns advanced strategic concepts, on its own.

PokerSnowie's ultimate aim is to produce the perfectly balanced game, find the ultimate un-exploitable equilibrium for all No Limit Hold'em configurations. Join us on this fascinating journey, which is just starting, into the future of poker.

The PokerSnowie Video Quiz series aims to answer the question: "what is the right play?" It is a set of poker coaching videos presented by French professional poker player Sharp. In each video, Sharp sets up an interesting hand in the "Scenarios" tool of PokerSnowie and explains how to analyse the situation and learn from PokerSnowie's advice, based on the Game Theory Optimal model.

New Feature Added: Strategy Advisor!

The PokerSnowie team is constantly hard at work tweaking, improving and developing, and we're sure you'll be interested in our latest new addition...

The Strategy Advisor is an exciting new feature that gives you percentage probabilities of the success of certain outcomes based on your and your opponents' cards and preceding gameplay.

For example:

  • Want to know your chances of success if you went to showdown with your current hand?
  • Curious to know if everyone would fold if you bet different sizes?
  • Interested in seeing if everyone else would check if you check?


This is a fantastic new tool to help you determine the best moment to bluff, check-raise, value bet and more, making it hugely valuable to your game. Find out more about the Strategy Advisor in the online manual.


Check the different subscriptions plans to see which subscriptions will benefit from the new Strategy Advisor?