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Old vs New AI: Facing an all-in by the cut off


The hand: hero folded and the cut off won the pot.

In this example scenario hero opened the pot with pocket fives, cut off 3bet all-in for 19.5 blinds and everybody else folded.

The former AI would call, whilst the new AI supports the fold.


Evaluation from the old AI = Call


Evaluation from the new AI = Fold


We use the same method to analyze this situation as we did in the previous example.

First, calculate the pot odds.

Hero is risking $0.33 to win $0.48 and he just needs to win more than 40.7% of the time to justify the call.

Next, determine the equity of 55 versus villain’s range.

If villain pushes the top 11.16% of the hands (55+,A8s+,KQs,ATo+,KQo), pocket fives wins 40.3% and it is a very close fold. If villain pushes any wider, it is a call.

What is the average range of the 3bettor in this position? My guess would be something between 11% and 12% and I think this decision is a tossup.

The old AI is giving +4.29 BB in equity to the call, however this is significantly off because villain would have to push more than the top 30% of the hands for this to happen.

The new AI assesses the situation much more correctly, separating the call and the fold by only 0.19BB.

Article written by Sharp