Inside PokerSnowie's brain reveals the work of the Snowie AI Team. It explores first hand how the brain of PokerSnowie evolves and learns advanced strategic concepts, on its own.

PokerSnowie's ultimate aim is to produce the perfectly balanced game, find the ultimate un-exploitable equilibrium for all No Limit Hold'em configurations. Join us on this fascinating journey, which is just starting, into the future of poker.

The PokerSnowie Video Quiz series aims to answer the question: "what is the right play?" It is a set of poker coaching videos presented by French professional poker player Sharp. In each video, Sharp sets up an interesting hand in the "Scenarios" tool of PokerSnowie and explains how to analyse the situation and learn from PokerSnowie's advice, based on the Game Theory Optimal model.

PokerSnowie Video Quiz: value bet with top pair top kicker on the river?

value betting with top pair top kicker on the river

How big of a hand do we need for value betting? For how much can we bet? What to do on a raise? How important is our perceived range?

In today's PokerSnowie Video quiz the hero took the initiative on the turn with top pair top kicker;  four options are  now available on the river. So should he rather:
-       Bet half pot and call a shove?
-       Bet half pot and fold to a shove?
-       Over bet all in for more than twice the pot?
-       Check and take a free show down?
Professional coach and player Sharp takes you through the hand to show you how to analyse the situation with PokerCoach's advanced analysis tools and discover PokerSnowie's GTO advice.



PokerSnowie Video Quiz

Sharp is a French maths postgraduate and a probability engineer turned professional backgammon player in 1999. French number 1 for 4 years, having won all the largest Backgammon tournament titles, he moved on to Poker in 2004. He has since then built an impressive record and stands amongst the best French MTT players. Nowadays Sharp spends most of his time coaching and producing coaching videos, in particular for, where he is one of the lead instructors.



This blew my mind. The nut best board to c-bet becomes the nut worst in a 3-bet pot. I'm happy that I correctly guessed we should check back river there vs a snowie. I'm learning.
Hello Carlos, Board textures can be tricky sometimes. I’m learning too ☺
Nice video, would have been nice to see the range snowie recommends shoving on the river.
Hi John, Thanks, Snowie shoves for value sets of 4. And as a bluff his busted straight draws with 65s, 54s, 55 and 33. It would shove 22 and of course bigger sets but those pairs are not in his pre flop range. It wouldn’t shove AK.
Thanks for getting back to me, I'm guessing he's not bluffing all of those combos at 100% freq right, or else he would be massively overbluffing with only 3 value combos.