Inside PokerSnowie's brain reveals the work of the Snowie AI Team. It explores first hand how the brain of PokerSnowie evolves and learns advanced strategic concepts, on its own.

PokerSnowie's ultimate aim is to produce the perfectly balanced game, find the ultimate un-exploitable equilibrium for all No Limit Hold'em configurations. Join us on this fascinating journey, which is just starting, into the future of poker.

The PokerSnowie Video Quiz series aims to answer the question: "what is the right play?" It is a set of poker coaching videos presented by French professional poker player Sharp. In each video, Sharp sets up an interesting hand in the "Scenarios" tool of PokerSnowie and explains how to analyse the situation and learn from PokerSnowie's advice, based on the Game Theory Optimal model.

No final table for Zeljko

It was always going to be a tough challenge and unfortunately history did not repeat itself – the youngest member of Team PokerSnowie, Zeljko, lost all his chips to be the first player of the team out today on day 1b of the battle of Malta.

The killer hand started as Zeljko was sitting with a comfortable 35K stack. Blinds are 300/600. In early position he opens to 1500 with KT suited. It folds to the small blind who is the only caller. Flop comes down J93 rainbow. SB check-calls, Zeljko 2200 bet on the flop. The turn brings the 8 of diamonds – straight and flush draw for Zeljko who bets 6K after his opponent’s check. His move is followed by an all-in by his opponent leaving him with 14K more to call. After pondering the hand, Zeljko calls and sees his opponent flip over A9. The river blanks leaving him with 10 BB. Soon after Zeljko gets it in with A6 vs. 55. No luck there either, he loses the race and out he is.

We have just learnt that Miroslav is out as well, but the 5 other members of Team PokerSnowie are all playing on with the following stacks:

Ivan: 42K

Marko: 32

Vladimir: 30K

Bojan: 36K

Olivier: 21K (serious come back!)


In the PokerSnowie challenge, PokerSnowie has now taken a serious lead with 18 games won against 12 for challengers.