Inside PokerSnowie's brain reveals the work of the Snowie AI Team. It explores first hand how the brain of PokerSnowie evolves and learns advanced strategic concepts, on its own.

PokerSnowie's ultimate aim is to produce the perfectly balanced game, find the ultimate un-exploitable equilibrium for all No Limit Hold'em configurations. Join us on this fascinating journey, which is just starting, into the future of poker.

The PokerSnowie Video Quiz series aims to answer the question: "what is the right play?" It is a set of poker coaching videos presented by French professional poker player Sharp. In each video, Sharp sets up an interesting hand in the "Scenarios" tool of PokerSnowie and explains how to analyse the situation and learn from PokerSnowie's advice, based on the Game Theory Optimal model.

PokerSnowie team at the Battle of Malta: an admirable performance and a spectacular exit.

Team PokerSnowie performed admirably on the first day of the Battle of Malta, with 3 out of 5 players still in the tournament. The average chip stack of those still in is at an impressive 40k (starting chips were 20k), with Karsten leading the pack with a respectable 51k chips.
Marko had the most spectaculor exit: he was at 32k in first position with a pair of 9s. He raises to 700, and the 4th position raises to 2100 with everyone else folding. The Flop brings up 9-8-2 rainbow. Marko checks, and opponent bets 2500. The turn reveals a 3 of clubs - Marko checks again and the opponent bets another 2500, to which Marko raises 7500. The river brings up a 6 of clubs; the opponent only has 9000 left so Marko goes all in. Opponent reveals an AK of clubs. 
If you're gonna exit, make sure it's spectacular!
Tomorrow PokerSnowie Team 2 will battle it out against 400 additional players - let's wish them all the best!