About PokerSnowie

How PokerSnowie was born

Online poker has grown tremendously over the past decade, opening up the thrill of the game to more people. We feel that everybody should get the chance to become a world-class poker player. We believe that giving players access to software that teaches how to play in an optimal way will develop interest for the game long-term and in a responsible way.

Rather than following the common trend of developing yet another 'strategy' to expose and exploit weaknesses of other players, we wanted to come up with a range of educational tools based on a balanced and non-exploitative approach. The aim being to provide every kind of player the tools they need to significantly improve their level of play, balance their play to become immune to exploitation by other players, increase their profits and rekindle their passion for poker.

We had already applied this approach to backgammon, a similarly complex and skill-orientated game with some elements of luck, in the form of BackgammonSnowie, with fantastic results: a significant increase in overall proficiency within the backgammon community and a chance for everybody to become a world-class player.

Poker's growing popularity and concurrent sense of unrest drew us towards our next logical step: the development of an AI-based world-class No Limit Hold'em poker player, focusing on a balanced and un-exploitative play, with a view to training and coaching any player in long term winning poker strategy, and working to raise overall proficiency and enjoyment in the greater poker community.

Thus PokerSnowie was born.

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