Free Preflop Advisor

How it works

To begin, choose between 5 different frequently occurring preflop situations. Then select the positions of both yourself and the other players at the table. A green button will then appear in the middle, when clicked the advice table will display the best action to take for all possible hole card combinations.

Download the PreflopAdvisor user guide as a PDF

Open position
There has been no action in front of you and you’re the first player to act. You get to decide on whether to call, raise or fold.

Choose your position (any position apart from the BB, as this is a forced bet).

Facing a raise
A player in front of you has raised to 3 BB. What should you do? As a special case, if you choose to be in the BB, you can select 2 raise size options: either 2.5 or 3 BB.

Choose your position and select the position of the player raising in front of you.

Facing a 3bet after my raise
You acted first raising to 2.5 BB and a player has decided to do a pot-sized re-raise (3bet) behind you. The stakes are rising, what should you do next?

Choose your position (notice that if you are in the SB, you then have a choice between a call and a 3 BB raise). Then choose the position of the player 3betting you.

Facing a 4bet after my 3bet
A player in front of you does an initial raise to 3 BB. You do a pot-sized re-raise (3bet) after him and he reacts by re-raising (4betting) again pot size. Big action, time to seriously consider your hole cards!

Choose your position, then choose the position of the player 4betting you.

Squeeze from the blinds
You’re sat in the SB or BB. A first player raises 3 BB, a second player calls. Should you squeeze by doing a pot-sized re-raise?

Choose your position (either SB or BB), then choose the position of the player doing the opening raise, finally select the position of the caller.

The Advice Table

Your advice comes in the form of a grid of 169 squares, each representing possible hole card combinations. Pocket pairs are represented by the diagonal line through the middle, with suited hands above the diagonal and non-suited (offsuit) hands below.

For example, the square indicated by the arrow represents Q9 suited.

Each hole card combination square contains a number and a colour:

The number stands for the percentage of the time PokerSnowie advises raising instead of following the indicated action.

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PokerSnowie would raise 47% of the time and fold the remaining 53% of the time.