PokerSnowie Online Manual

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Preflop advice table

The preflop advice table is a great tool to visualize PokerSnowie's preflop strategy in one glance.

The table displays one field for each of the 169 different hole card combinations: the diagonal covers the pocket pairs, the upper right triangle the suited cards and the lower left triangle the off-suited cards.

The colour code indicates the advised action, green for raise, yellow for call and white for fold. If a number is displayed in the field, this is the percentage of times this hand should be raised.

It is possible that some hole cards combinations are not in the preflop range anymore. If you have previously raised and it is your turn again, you would not be holding 72o, for example, because you would have folded it already. Those fields are greyed out. However, it is still possible to see how PokerSnowie would continue with these hands, by activating the option 'show full table'.

The default table is the one for the proposed bet size, the bet sizes PokerSnowie considers as best. You can click on the buttons '1/4 POT', '1/2 POT', 'POT' and '2 POT' to switch between the bet sizes and see the alternative tables.