PokerSnowie Online Manual

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Hand browsing

This feature allows you to view detailed hand-by-hand and move-by-move analysis of real money hands that you have previously imported. You may select one or more sessions from the import manager or by using filters and then click on the item menu 'Hands'.

The inline filters allow you to browse your hands using several different criteria. For example; browse by moves, by errors or by blunders. It's also possible to view specific streets or moves played.

All move errors are displayed in red within the tree, additional they are underlined if they are also a blunder.

A "missed" move is a situation where you did not necessarily make an error, but where PokerSnowie thinks a mixed strategy is appropriate and therefore you could have also played an alternative move.

When browsing the errors and blunders you have the option to choose "improper". This allows you to view all the situations where you made a specific "improper move". For example, where you BET and it was wrong.

For more information about browsing by weak, medium or strong hands, please refer to the section about the hand strength.

You can also browse by situation, where you were "in position" (IP) or "out of position" (OOP).

Finally, if you prefer to analyse a specific hand or situation, you can click on the tree, or a particular move, and automatically create a scenario using "Copy scenario".