PokerSnowie Online Manual

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Hand strength panel

In the hand strength panel, the hand of the player is compared to the ranges of the opponents.

The scale of 'showdown strength' and 'betting strength' goes from 0.0 to 2.0, independently of the number of players still in the pot. This normalization has been done for easy comparison of the numbers and for clear classification of bets or raises with WEAK hands (as a bluff), STRONG hands (for value) and MEDIUM strength hands.

The 'showdown strength' provides an estimation of how well the specific hand would perform against the ranges of all opponents still in the pot, with no more betting allowed (as if everybody was all-in).

In the specific case of only one opponent, dividing the showdown strength by 2 gives you the player's 'equity vs. range'. For example, a value of 1.20 corresponds to 60% 'equity'; 60% chance of winning a showdown against the opponent's range.

The 'betting strength' is very similar to 'showdown strength', but it considers only the non-folding ranges of the opponents. We have defined 3 brackets. A low value classifies the hand as WEAK (0 - 0.6 on the scale), a high number would be considered as a STRONG hand (> 1 on the scale). A value between 0.6 and 1 would indicate a hand of MEDIUM strength.

Again, in the case of having only one opponent, a value of 1.20 corresponds to a 60% chance of winning against the opponent's non-folding range.

The 'betting strength' is different for each bet size. In general, the higher the bet size, the lower the betting strength.