PokerSnowie Online Manual

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Evaluation panel

The evaluation panel displays PokerSnowie's advice on the current situation. On the left hand side, the player's move is described and classed as 'correct' or 'wrong'. The 'error' is simply the EV difference (in big blinds) between the best move and the played move. A mouse-over hint transforms the EV difference into the money amount given up.

On the right hand side, you can select the bet size. By default, PokerSnowie's proposed bet size, displayed in green, is already activated. For every bet size there are three possible actions: fold, check/call, bet/raise. Every action is assigned a percentage value, which is the percentage of the time the corresponding action should be played.

In most cases one move should be played 100% of the time. Sometimes, however, a mixed action is proposed. For example, 90% 0% 10% means that the hand should be folded 90% of the time, never called and 10% bluff-raised.

Next to the percentages the EV (expected value) is displayed in big blinds. Again, a mouse-over hint shows the money amounts.

Please read more how bet sizing works for PokerSnowie.