PokerSnowie Online Manual

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Database manager

PokerSnowie features database management functions that can be accessed via the PokerSnowie button.

Creation of a new database

Entering a name in the form followed by clicking on the "Create" button allows the user to create a new database. The PokerSnowie software needs to be closed and re-launched before the new database becomes available to be used.

Switching between databases

As soon as there are at least 2 databases, the "Set active" button becomes available and allows the user to switch between databases. PokerSnowie needs to be closed and re-launched again in order to use the chosen active database.

Renaming databases

Any non-active database can be renamed after clicking on the "Rename" button

Backing up databases

Selecting a database followed by clicking on the "Backup" button creates a zip file that serves as a backup of the chosen database

Restoring a database

Any database that has been previously backed up can simply be restored by clicking on the "restore" button.

Database optimization

To improve the database performance, it is recommended to use this feature frequently (maybe every 10-15K hands), this improves response times when filtering for specific hands. The "Optimize" button works for both active and non-active databases