PokerSnowie Online Manual

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Challenge PokerSnowie

Challenge PokerSnowie is a training feature which lets you play directly against the Artificial Intelligence engine.

Challenge PokerSnowie game configurator:

Clicking on "Challenges" in the main menu opens The challenge PokerSnowie window, which will allow you to specify some parameters for playing against PokerSnowie.

The Snowie opponents menu lets you choose how many opponents you wish to play against. The default is 1 opponent for Head's Up and you can choose up to 9 opponents for a full ring game.

The game type lets you choose between a freezeout mode or standard cash game mode, now also with Ante. In Freezeout mode, the game ends as soon as you or all PokerSnowie opponents are eliminated.

The cash game option lets you sit down and reload your bankroll for as long as you wish. The session ends when you decide to end it.

In cash game mode, you can choose to rebuy automatically with the Auto rebuy to max threshold. By default it is set at 70% of your starting stack, but you can modify this with the selector to go down to 50% or up to 100% of your stack. Note that the PokerSnowie players reload following the same logic.

After selecting "Cash game", if you choose a buy-in equal to or lower than 50BB, you have the option to play at a CAP table by checking the box underneath the buy-in. The buy-in value will be used as the CAP value; the auto rebuy threshold will work as usual. Please note that if at the beginning of a hand, the amount of money you have at the table is greater than the CAP value, it will be reset to the CAP.

The stake level option lets you decide your stake level, from 0.5/1 to 100/200. Furthermore, there is no rake incorporated in the game.

You can choose between various starting stacks from as low as 15 BB up to 200 BB.

Right at the bottom of the Challenge PokerSnowie configurator, you can choose to remove the default "fast fold option". Fast fold means that once you fold,  a new hand is dealt right away. Otherwise a new hand would only start after the conclusion of the folded hand. Removing this option allows you to let all hands play out till the end.

Table Features:

You can open a maximum of 2 tables at the same time.

On the cash game tables, you will see your current win/loss status as well as the number of hands played at this table.

By default, new hands start automatically. You have an option to change this and pause the game with the "auto start next hand" tick box.

If you have removed the fast fold option, then you will be presented with the option to "make Snowie hole cards visible". This means all the PokerSnowie players will turn their cards at the end of each hand.

Real time evaluation:

By marking the "Real time evaluation" checkbox, players are offered an "Evaluation" button at the challenge tables. By clicking on this button a freely movable window opens and shows Snowie's recommendation for the player's hand in real time.

Post game analysis:

Once you have finished your play session, all your hands are automatically imported in PokerSnowie, where they are available for full analysis. The import process can take a couple of minutes after the end of the session. To analyse your Challenge PokerSnowie session, go to the import manager. The files from your game are called either cash_xxxxxxx or freezeout_xxxxx. Select the file you wish to analyse and click on the view analysis button to go through your play.

A copy of your uploaded files is saved locally under:

C:\Users\<UserName>\My Documents\PokerSnowie\imported\ (Windows 7/8) or
C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\MyDocuments\PokerSnowie\imported
(Windows XP).

Please note that your previous challenge sessions that were played before the name change from "PokerCoach" to "PokerSnowie" are still located under:

C:\Users\<UserName>\My Documents\PokerCoach\imported\ (Windows 7/8) or
C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\MyDocuments\PokerCoach\imported
(Windows XP).