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PokerSnowie Business Integration

PokerSnowie is not just an end user Poker Educational Software or a Poker Artificial Intelligence. PokerSnowie is a platform that could serve a variety of purposes in the Poker Industry.

We are working daily with our partners, building new solutions, new ideas, which constantly add value to their business.

If you are a Poker Room, a Training Site, a business that offers Poker Software, or any other Poker related company, there are several ways PokerSnowie could be integrated with your services to help you increase customer retention, improve user experience and add value to your product. Not only that, if you have a product idea that requires the PokerSnowie platform, do not hesitate to get in touch, we will be happy to help.

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Examples of Integrations


SnowieApp by Holdem Manager

SnowieApp integrates the HM2 hand databases of HM’s customers with PokerSnowie's AI engine to provide feedback on potential mistakes on specific hands and on potential patterns of mistakes that the player is frequently making.

Winamax Poker

Winamax uses PokerSnowie Quiz

Winamax organizes Top Shark, an annual PRO recruitment event, where the PokerSnowie Quiz is part of the selection process used to find the best candidates. Take a look at our blog article.

Prelop Advisor

Preflop Advisor

The Preflop Advisor developed by PokerSnowie is only one possible mobile app that can be developed using the PokerSnowie platform. PokerSnowie has the ability to provide a set of information as a one-off job that could be distributed within the app (like the Preflop Advisor). Alternatively, PokerSnowie has the ability to provide real time feedback where the app queries the AI server in order to get the information needed.