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"Jungleman" vs Snowie
"You wouldn't think a computer would have that kind of balls!"
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Never before though has a product come along.....quite like PokerSnowie

"It seems that every few years or so, a new product arrives on the poker scene and quickly pushes the game forward into never-before-seen territory. I have been around the game for long enough to see a lot of innovations, from the original Poker Tracker and equity/ICM calculators, all the way through the video training site era, to today's powerful hand tracking software and equity calculators. Never before though has a product come along that has threatened to forever change the poker landscape quite like Poker Snowie."

Stephen Cesaro

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The designers of Snowie Backgammon had conjured up a NLHE version

"I had already been aware of the "Snowie" program as a backgammon player some years ago and was very impressed with the results. Snowie Backgammon could lock horns and hold its own against the very best backgammon players in the world and could play perfectly in many situations and was technically un-exploitable. So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the designers of Snowie Backgammon had conjured up a NLHE version."

Carl "The Dean" Sampson

Impressed to see how PokerCoach helped to improve my game

"Discovering PokerSnowie was a decisive step in my poker life. At first surprised by my many unsuspected mistakes, I was then impressed to see how PokerCoach helped to improve my game. Thanks to PokerCoach I now win at limits I couldn't have dreamed of before."

Serge Didisheim

Perfect program to improve your poker game

"PokerCoach can teach us what to do in situations we are unsure or don't know what is the best play. Perfect program to improve your poker game."

Milos M, Serbia


"This is simply great!"

Antoine S, Canada

Brilliant, just the tool I've been looking forward to

"Valuable Input to improving your own game, right after a session, whenever you want it, is hard to get. With PokerSnowie, I am able to review my not so well played hands and get a few comment from Snowie right when I need it! I'd say my win-ratio has improved by about 1.5 BB/100 (Big bets) by using PokerSnowie. Brilliant, just the tool I've been looking forward to use to improve my own game."

Erik F, Denmark

Very excited to see this type of coaching product available

"I was very excited to see this type of coaching product available and it will be interesting to use it to analyse different spots. Snowie definitely plays different than most coaching videos recommend and also what I thought to be "GTO" strategy. It's very cool to be able to analyse hands in Snowie, you get to see advice in any situation you doubt yourself in....so yeah, this is a great tool imo."


Along comes PokerCoach, and suddenly all the missing links....were filled

"PokerCoach has certainly plugged many leaks I had, it has enabled me to move my game to a much higher level and also I am now multi-tabling 12 speed tables at a time as decisions are now so easy/quick to make due to confidence in my ranges learned from PokerCoach. I also find it so easy now to spot when other players are playing sub-optimally, and thus exploit their glaring weaknesses. Overall, PokerCoach has allowed me to balance my ranges on all streets, which in turn is obviously the most +EV. Basically after many, many years of studying the math and theory of optimal play which had resulted in small edges for me at best, along comes PokerCoach, and suddenly all the missing links, and gaps in knowledge I had been looking for for so long were filled. All I can say is thank you, It does exactly what it says on the tin!"

Mike M, UK

Snowie is definitely getting me up to speed with GTO very quickly

"I'm really enjoying the software so far and think it's quite strong. Since starting to use it I've researched the product and the teams background a good bit and am quite impressed. I've been using Snowie mostly to work on developing a GTO framework for my tourney play and to get better at cash games/deeper stacks. One of the biggest benefits I've seen has come seeing the size of my errors and having a systematic way to reduce errors, starting with the biggest ones, then the most frequent ones, etc etc. My error rate is improving as is my overall play, it's nice to be able to simply check my play against Snowie instead of Holdem Manager, cash earned or some other metric, saves a ton of time. Overall, Snowie is definitely getting me up to speed with GTO very quickly, I've completely overthrown my poker game in an attempt to play more GTO/balanced and am seeing good results so far."

James I., Hungary

It's amazing

"It's amazing, I use a GTO approach myself. I'm using it to try to make my play as GTO as possible, and I have also found some leaks that I do have. Now I intend to use it to learn 6-max, since all my work on GTO before Snowie has been directed towards HU."

Michael J, Sweden

3 part interview with the PokerSnowie AI Team, co-founder and head of research of PokerSnowie

PokerCoach truly has helped me take my game to a higher level

"The software by PokerSnowie has helped my game a lot beyond trying to learn optimal play. I try to exploit my opponents for the maximum profit, and PokerSnowie's PokerCoach shows me all the areas where that might be too dangerous. By telling me how far away from optimal my plays are, PokerCoach has allowed me to refine my game, taking out the plays that are only marginally profitable but highly exploitable, and replacing them with more balanced lines which give me far more protection at little cost. It has also helped me think more about my game through the eyes of my opponents—what my ranges look like across all possible streets, and how my betting lines in one hand may unbalance my lines in another. PokerCoach truly has helped me take my game to a higher level. I cannot recommend it highly enough!"

Max W., USA

PokerSnowie....brought my game to perfection

"Poker Snowie was just what I needed. I have always been interested in poker and love to play it, while trying to minimize the "luck factor" and by using my own mathematical knowledge to predict possible scenarios. Poker Snowie helped me right there and it brought my game to perfection, allowing me to be always a step ahead of my competitors. With great effort and playing by the rules of PokerCoach, now I am close to playing on extra-terrestrial level. Training to become the perfect poker player is exciting. It made me a true professional poker player."

Ivan Krivokapi, Montenegro

My play has improved significantly

"Thanks for the update Mike. Btw,my play has improved significantly since having Poker Coach so please pass on my thanks to the team."

Stephen B, UK.
Professional Poker player

...your product is amazing.

First of all, I want to say that your product is amazing. I'm been playing professionally for 7 years & I feel like I've already improved a lot in just a few weeks of using snowie.

Jared H.

Snowie takes things to a new level

"think I probably have just about every piece of poker software available but Snowie takes things to a new level."

Sam Pollard

...I will improve here as well because I practice with PokerSnowie every day.

"PokerSnowie is having a dramatic impact on my game. By strengthening my opening ranges, it has helped me to get into less trouble post flop. Also by encouraging me to sometimes 3 and 4 bet with the proper ranges, it is preventing me from being a nit. I have a decent understanding of preflop play at this point. Now, I am seeking to understand flop play. Most of us who are winning players have learned to c-bet too often because few opponents will raise these c-bets in practice. PokerSnowie is helping me to learn when to not c-bet on some flops to avoid this. I am still having trouble with turn and river play, but soon I will improve here as well because I practice with PokerSnowie every day."


Great Tool!

"Hi Thanks for the software. Great Tool! No really the best poker training aid ever."

Andy Sinha

I have been waiting for something like for a long time

"I just wanted to let you guys know that I absolutely love your pokercoach2 product and after analyzing my gameplay it has tremendously improved my game. I have been waiting for something like for a long time. Thank you so much! I look forward to any other products/upgrades you have in the future."

Rob Morelle

I used another similar product before, but Poker Coach is far ahead from it!

I want to simply tell that you did really a great product. I used another similar product before, but Poker Coach is far ahead from it! Also if it's a 'young' product, user interface is a great start, and it works very well.

Giuseppe C., professional Player

I play the Challenge and find I am improving.

As a side note, I love the software. I play the Challenge and find I am improving. And I run all of my on-line action through Snowie to get feedback. Keep up the good work.

Terry Linhardt

Balance and Deception

A game of incomplete information

Poker Snowie is a fun tool that helps you get consistent Coaching, regardless of whether your series of hands (either from the in-built challenge Snowie game or imported from your real games) made you money or not. Similar to giving you Sklansky dollars, if you like. It helps you assess your hands with no hiding place, no emotion, no excuses, it just has your best interests at heart.

What did Sarah Connor say about the Terminator as she discussed his qualities as a father figure in T2?

Importantly Poker Snowie has reminded me that a key element to be successful is to keep all my opponents guessing (what I hold) and to try to have a system for guessing (hand read, white magic etc) what they have. If you agree with this, then most of your decisions (plays) must support this. Pokers Snowie gives you an insight to "a way", a repeatable way to funnel hand ranges down by each street, while ensuring no villain can read (guess) what you have.

This is just one aspect of the software. I recommend that you take the 10 day fully functional trial. But only if you have time, say 1 hour a day to try it out, so you do not waste your trial. I believe that even if "you know better than a computer coach" you will get some insights into your game, which will help you "beat the machine" or importantly your foes over time.

Andy Sinha

My game has come on exponentially since I signed up.

I'd just like to say how impressed I am with everything you do at Poker Snowie. My game has come on exponentially since I signed up. There are still areas I need to work on though. I'm still not quite sure when the best time is to bluff on the turn and river but I'm getting there. The rest of my game is getting close to World Class level (according to Snowie) and I'm still in front after playing Snowie over 7,500 hands. I must have got lucky when I was playing at Advanced Level because I'm finding it tougher to beat Snowie since the turn of the year. I've been playing to an error rate of just under 8 during that time and just scraped a very small profit. I'm sure the new feature will help me get better even more quickly. I hope you're getting as many paying customers as you deserve because I know how much work must have got into designing this!

Mike Lindley, Doncaster, England

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Dan "Jungleman" Cates challenges PokerSnowie

Dan "Jungleman" Cates is widely considered one of the world's best exponents of heads-up Texas Hold'em poker. So what better test could there be for a man verse machine heads-up challenge? Watch as Jungleman squares off against PokerSnowie at the battle of Malta. The results may surprise you."
"Jungleman" vs Snowie: