About Snowie Games

The Snowie brand was born in 1998 with the launch of BackgammonSnowie, a high-quality backgammon educational program based on proprietary neural network technology that had been trained to play as good as or better than the best human players.

With subsequent releases, BackgammonSnowie became the de facto analysis and education software for Backgammon, trusted and used by the entire backgammon player community.

With further advances in the development of the proprietary neural network, it became possible to tackle new, highly complex games and the Snowie team set its sight on No Limit Hold’em poker as the next challenge.

PokerSnowie was developed over the course of more than three years of research and development. PokerSnowie has achieved world class playing abilities, and is arguably the most balanced and un-exploitable No Limit Hold’em poker player in the world.

The first product based on PokerSnowie was released in June 2013, under the name PokerCoach. Similar to BackgammonSnowie, PokerCoach provides an intuitive interface to analyse one’s play, identify errors and learn to correct them.

Snowie Games is dedicated to helping players of all abilities improve their level of play by using Artificial Intelligence methodologies, learning algorithms based on neural networks and mathematical modelling.

The company is headquartered in Malta, with development teams in Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

Challenge PokerSnowie
Last updated on:
16th Apr 2014 7:00 pm CET
Total Hands Played:4,122,167
Average Challenger's Error Rate:17.35
PokerSnowie's Profit(+)/Loss(-):+17.89 bb/100hands
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