PokerSnowie software

It doesn't matter if you are an expert or you just love to play, using PokerSnowie will benefit every level of player.

The intuitive and fun software will improve your overall No Limit Hold'em Poker performance. The powerful training tools help to plug your leaks, balance your game and increase your equity. You can also rank yourself by playing against the world class PokerSnowie.

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How should you play preflop in a 6-max game?

Download the free PreflopAdvisor (iOS, Android, and Windows mobile) for a preview of PokerSnowie's world class play on preflop action.

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  • "Discovering PokerSnowie was a decisive step in my poker life. At first surprised by my many unsuspected mistakes, I was then impressed to see how PokerSnowie helped to improve my game. Thanks to PokerSnowie I now win at limits I couldn't have dreamed of before."

    Serge Didisheim

  • "6 months ago I had never played a hand of poker! WPT Malta was my first live event ever; I played against Phil Helmuth, made the money, ended up on the final table, knocked out Tony G…it was a really special feeling. All thanks to the several months of coaching with PokerSnowie."

    Zeljko Krizan
    5th place WPT Malta event, September 2012

  • "I cannot imagine that literally every single person who plays Hold'em poker for a living would not want to sign up for PokerSnowie... It is, without a doubt, the single most valuable piece of poker software on the market right now and if I had to choose between only having Holdem Manager or Poker Snowie, I would take Poker Snowie in a heartbeat."

    Stephen Cesaro
    Moonshine blog

  • "You wouldn't think a computer would have that kind of balls"

    Dan "Jungleman" Cates
    See the Jungleman vs Snowie Challenge
  • "For serious players who want to join the ranks of poker's 1%, I believe using bots such as PokerSnowie to help you construct ranges and strategies is the wave of the future."

    Ed Miller - poker professional, Coach and author

    Download PokerSnowie to:

    • Benchmark your No Limit cash game against the gameplay of PokerSnowie (HU, 6 max and full ring games supported, from short stack up to 400bb)
    • Immediately identify your errors and weaknesses in all areas of play
    • Learn to plug your leaks, balance your game and significantly increase your equity
    • Improve your overall level of play

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    Peek inside PokerSnowie's world class brain

    Johannes Levermann, Head of research at Snowie Games, reveals the inside of PokerSnowie's training and how it's learning to become the best No Limit Hold'em player in the world!

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    I still can't believe I've come so far in the space of just 1 short year. I had no experience of poker at all, not even a single hand, but PokerSnowie's training tools changed all that.
    I can now call myself a professional level poker player, and it's all thanks to PokerSnowie.

    PokerSnowie success story

    20 years old Zeljko went from complete novice to professional level winner in the space of one short year with PokerSnowie.

    Find out how and become our next success story.

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